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24 February 2023

Sense receives a SOC 2 Type 2

Newton, MA – New England Safety Partners (NESP), an Information Security Consulting firm specializing in compliance frameworks, cloud security, and business process analysis and implementation today announced that it has helped Sense Labs, Inc. (Sense) successfully complete the Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type 2 audit for 2023.

Sense Labs, Inc.’s (Sense) mission is to make all homes intelligent through its “fitness tracker for the home”, helping consumers save money and live more safely with more energy-efficient households. Founded in 2013 by pioneers in speech recognition, Sense uses machine learning technology to provide real-time insights on device behavior, even for those devices that are not “smart”. Consumers and Partners (Customers) rely on Sense for a wide range of uses including monitoring their home appliances, determining whether they left appliances running, and identifying major energy drains in their homes so they can substantially reduce their energy costs. Sense is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The audit affirms that Sense’s information security practices, policies, procedures, and operations meet the SOC 2 standards for security, availability, and confidentiality. These audits are key to demonstrating the design and operation of critical controls crucial for Sense’s customers.

“NESP was a tremendous help in our SOC 2 journey. They are deeply knowledgeable in the security domain and were able to provide extensive guidance and advice. They were incredibly responsive, proactive in pushing us forward in critical areas, and really acted as an extension of our team. They were hands-on in helping us craft policies and set up systems that strike the appropriate balance of rigor and overhead. On top of it all, they’re a joy to work with: pleasant, good-humored, and professional. I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone embarking on a compliance process.” – Ryan Houlette, Vice President Engineering, Sense.

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