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NESP consultants had a very thorough understanding of the PCI-DSS requirement. (The word ‘encyclopedic’ comes to mind.) This was very helpful in areas where the written standard leaves room for interpretation. In those situations, they helped us to assess our risk and to develop practical solutions.

They brought strong operating systems and networking expertise. They quickly earned the respect of, and collaborated effectively with, our technical staff. Consistently their recommendations were technically sound.

Information Security Staff Member, Large University

Working with technology and people can be messy and a sometimes befuddling proposition. NESP exercised effective people skills in balance with deep understanding of project technical issues to yield positive results for ITG.

CEO, Interactice Tactical Group

NESP was a strong business partner on information security issues particularly as they related to our employees, data security, data access and data controls. They were instrumental in putting a robust information security program in place for the organization, and for educating senior management on the criticality of security awareness. They demonstrated strong technical expertise, but also had the ability to align with business demands/appetite.

VP HR, Property and Casualty Insurance Company

Adobe Patches Zero-Day Flash Flaw

Adobe has released an emergency update to address a critical security hole in its Flash Player browser plugin that is being actively exploited to deploy malicious software. If you’ve got Flash installed — and if you’re using Google Chrome or a recent version of Microsoft Windows you do — it’s time once again to make sure your copy of Flash is either patched, hobbled or removed.

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Further Down the Trello Rabbit Hole

Last month’s story about organizations exposing passwords and other sensitive data via collaborative online spaces at only scratched the surface of the problem. A deeper dive suggests a large number of government agencies, marketing firms, healthcare organizations and IT support companies are publishing credentials via public Trello boards that quickly get indexed by the major search engines.

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Your Hump Day Reading List for June 6, 2018

It’s the first Wednesday of June? Why, let’s celebrate with some great self defense, personal safety, and family preparedness articles!
How will you protect your children?
When you have children, defense planning gets substantially more complicated. The younger they are, the more impact they have. This article looks at the five biggest myths people have about keeping their kids safe, and it’s worth reading.
Can you really prepare in an apartment?
Any amount of preparedness you do …

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“But what if…”

In my job I get some wonderful emails from people who’ve read one of my books or taken one of my classes. I also get awful emails, usually from people who’ve done neither of those things.
There is a special class of email, though, that I really dislike getting. It’s the “but what if…” question about something I’ve said or written regarding the use of lethal force in self defense. These are almost always in response to something that …

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Is Your Google Groups Leaking Data?

Google is reminding organizations to review how much of their Google Groups mailing lists should be public and indexed by The notice was prompted in part by a review that KrebsOnSecurity undertook with several researchers who’ve been busy cataloging thousands of companies that are using public Google Groups lists to manage customer support and in some cases sensitive internal communications.

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Your Hump Day Reading List for May 30, 2018

This week I bring you more great articles to help you and your loved ones live safer lives. Why not grab a beverage and do some reading?
Gun thefts happen — too often
An introduction to some of the ways to keep your guns from being stolen. (Frankly, I wish the author had simply said “never keep guns in your car, period.” I realize that sometimes circumstances dictate that you do exactly that, but it should never be …

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Will the Real Joker’s Stash Come Forward?

For as long as scam artists have been around so too have opportunistic thieves who specialize in ripping off other scam artists. This is the story about a group of Pakistani Web site designers who apparently have made an impressive living impersonating some of the most popular and well known “carding” markets, or online stores that sell stolen credit cards.

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FBI: Kindly Reboot Your Router Now, Please

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is warning that a new malware threat has rapidly infected more than a half-million consumer devices. To help arrest the spread of the malware, the FBI and security firms are urging home Internet users to reboot routers and network-attached storage devices made by a range of technology manufacturers.

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Can buying less actually give you more safety?

The concept of minimalism intrigues me, because of its emphasis on personal growth rather than the acquisition of things. It forces one to ask “what’s important to me?” and “what do I really need?” rather than “oh, look, free shipping if I spend more money than I originally intended to!”
Sadly, in this case the self defense and firearms media is always working against you.
Thinking of less
This came immediately to mind the other day when I saw …

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