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New England Safety Partners helps small and medium sized business with comprehensive Risk Management services in cyber securityphysical security and compliance management.

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NESP consultants had a very thorough understanding of the PCI-DSS requirement. (The word ‘encyclopedic’ comes to mind.) This was very helpful in areas where the written standard leaves room for interpretation. In those situations, they helped us to assess our risk and to develop practical solutions.

They brought strong operating systems and networking expertise. They quickly earned the respect of, and collaborated effectively with, our technical staff. Consistently their recommendations were technically sound.

Information Security Staff Member, Large University

Working with technology and people can be messy and a sometimes befuddling proposition. NESP exercised effective people skills in balance with deep understanding of project technical issues to yield positive results for ITG.

CEO, Interactice Tactical Group

NESP was a strong business partner on information security issues particularly as they related to our employees, data security, data access and data controls. They were instrumental in putting a robust information security program in place for the organization, and for educating senior management on the criticality of security awareness. They demonstrated strong technical expertise, but also had the ability to align with business demands/appetite.

VP HR, Property and Casualty Insurance Company

Krebs Given ISSA’s ‘President’s Award’

KrebsOnSecurity was honored this month with the 2017 President’s Award for Public Service from the Information Systems Security Association, a nonprofit organization for cybersecurity professionals. The award recognizes an individual’s contribution to the information security profession in the area of public service.

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Microsoft’s October Patch Batch Fixes 62 Flaws

Microsoft on Tuesday released software updates to fix at least 62 security vulnerabilities in Windows, Office and other software. Two of those flaws were detailed publicly before yesterday’s patches were released, and one of them is already being exploited in active attacks, so attackers already have a head start.

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Your Hump Day Reading List for October 11, 2017

It’s Wednesday, which means a new collection of great information to make your life safer and more secure!
An easy way to carry medical gear
On Monday I suggested that everyone — regardless of whether they carry a gun or not — should always have the ability to treat trauma that causes massive blood loss. There are a number of ways you can carry lifesaving medical gear on a daily basis, and one of the more popular ways is to …

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Equifax Hackers Stole Info on 693,665 UK Residents

Equifax Inc. said today an investigation into information stolen in the epic data breach the company disclosed on Sept. 7 revealed that intruders took a file containing 15.2 million UK records. The company says it is now working to inform nearly 700,000 U.K. consumers whose data was stolen in the attack.

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Some lessons from the Las Vegas attack

As I write this it’s been five days since a man opened fire on a country music festival in Las Vegas, killing 58 people and wounding over 500. While information is still being processed by law enforcement, and there are still many unanswered questions about the motives of the attacker, enough information has come out about the circumstances of the incident that we can identify definite lessons on how you might respond to this kind of event.
What happened
The …

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Equifax Breach Fallout: Your Salary History

In May, KrebsOnSecurity broke a story about lax security at a payroll division of big-three credit bureau Equifax that let identity thieves access personal and financial data on an unknown number of Americans. Incredibly, this same division makes it simple to access detailed salary and employment history on a large portion of Americans using little more than someone’s Social Security number and date of birth — both data elements that were stolen in the recent breach at Equifax.

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Training Talk: How do you treat injuries in an active mass casualty event?


In the aftermath of the horrific and cowardly attack in Las Vegas this week, I put myself on a mandatory commentary blackout. The reason I did so was to prevent idle speculation without solid facts, and if you followed any of the news stories you know how far off the mark the first day or two of reporting was!
I’ve taken the intervening time to study the event in as much detail as is possible at this point, …

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