Cyber Security

Security convergence is the consolidation of traditionally disparate risk management spheres of influence, Physical Security, Information Security and Compliance into a unified view of risk. Find Out More.

Cyber Security


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New England Safety Partners helps small and medium sized business with comprehensive Risk Management services in cyber securityphysical security and compliance management.

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NESP consultants had a very thorough understanding of the PCI-DSS requirement. (The word ‘encyclopedic’ comes to mind.) This was very helpful in areas where the written standard leaves room for interpretation. In those situations, they helped us to assess our risk and to develop practical solutions.

They brought strong operating systems and networking expertise. They quickly earned the respect of, and collaborated effectively with, our technical staff. Consistently their recommendations were technically sound.

Information Security Staff Member, Large University

Working with technology and people can be messy and a sometimes befuddling proposition. NESP exercised effective people skills in balance with deep understanding of project technical issues to yield positive results for ITG.

CEO, Interactice Tactical Group

NESP was a strong business partner on information security issues particularly as they related to our employees, data security, data access and data controls. They were instrumental in putting a robust information security program in place for the organization, and for educating senior management on the criticality of security awareness. They demonstrated strong technical expertise, but also had the ability to align with business demands/appetite.

VP HR, Property and Casualty Insurance Company


Ransomware is a form of malware that criminals find a way to install on our systems. What "ransomware" does is encrypt the data on a hard drive and make it unavailable until you pay a fee (ransom). The ransom pays for a the key to decrypt the data. Ransomware is like...

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Have you budgeted for Security in 2016?

If you follow the news, you may have seen that Hyatt discovered a breach last year, and disclosed the extent of it as they understand it. Data breaches are a fact of life, and folks too often wait for something to happen before they address systemic issues in their...

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