This is not the post I thought I would be writing. While I legally registered the company in 2013, it wasn’t until 2015 that I took it from a part time, side hustle, to a full time, pay my rent, insurance and grocery bills gig. About a year into it, I declared it a success. I was paying my bills, had better mental and physical health, and generally felt pretty good. This last February we celebrated the 5th year of continuous operation.

But as you all know, COVID-19 happened.

So instead of telling you about our new office (our third in as many years, yay growth), or the dozens of audits we helped see through to success, or our awesome, senior, experienced consultants helping our clients navigate esoteric security problems or sometimes artificial compliance goals (our consultants are some of the best, CIO, CISO, senior managers, and they bring decades of expertise to the fight) or any of the dozens of awesome customers we have had, and continue to have; we have been heads down helping those same customers navigate a brave new world.

Security problems didn’t go away. Big customers still want small shops to act like they are no different than the mature outfits with dedicated staff and capability. Auditors still needed to peak under the hood.

Our customers have fared better than many, many of them are smaller, nimble start ups, who can weather the storm of suddenly losing access to their offices and the intellectual capital that group efforts represent. They have largely soldiered on, and it is amazing to see. Instead of worrying about revenue (overtly), they worried about employee health, employee engagement and how to replace the treasured whiteboard in a world where in person collaboration couldn’t happen. Even the larger organizations, the universities, the larger corporations, managed to make it all work.

We made it work too, Zoom, GoTo, Hangouts. We started and FINISHED projects. It’s been a strange journey. And now as we look to the new way of working in 2020, we opened the office back up for our folks. It’s a good thing we got a bigger office, we needed the extra space for the social distancing!

We are looking forward to when we can invite you all into the new digs, have a beverage, and reminisce about the pandemic. Until then, stay safe, stay healthy.

We all lift together!