NESP provides comprehensive security services for your key personnel, high value assets, special events, and for your facility. Our executive security agents are vetted, polished, discrete, experienced and continually train through NESP.  In this regard we set industry standards in training.   Consistently operating from our proven formula for success:  embracing our core values of integrity and professionalism, vetting/hiring the finest executive security agents, conducting in-service training (training programs we offer to our clients in Law Enforcement and Private Security), establishing a clearly defined scope of work, conducting meticulous planning, proper liaison with law enforcement, utilizing proven methodologies and leadership techniques, efficient and effective execution, and compiling feedback for continual improvement, we will exceed your expectations by seamlessly contributing to your endeavors, special events or core business events.

Scope of work

We work with the client to determine the deliverables and dates, which gives the you the information you need to understand the services we will provide during the engagement.

Trained individuals

We constantly assess staff, and make sure they have up to date training, as well as operation/event specific training, to make our engagement successful.

Law enforcement liaison

Our experienced staff maintains extensive contacts with local, state and Federal law enforcement, allowing us to coordinate closely and effectively with those assets on a routine and emergency basis throughout the engagement.

Advance work

All engagements are different, part of the scope of work will include advance work so our staff understands the environment and can prepare to execute.

Execution and After Action Review

Whether the engagement is an ongoing operation, or a single event, we conduct after action reviews (AAR) with the client to learn what went wrong, what went right, and how we can improve in the future. This continuous improvement means you are getting the best possible service from our staff during each engagement.