Author: Ed Gardner

Security Awareness- Wizer Review

An important part of any information security program is having empowered and aware users. They are integral to any organizations defense against Bad Things ™. Users who can recognize something being “not right” and then know what to do when their spider sense goes off. Folks who think about the communications they receive, and ask […]

Incident Response as a Game

Incident Response training and testing is always a bit of a black art. When a client suggested I look at Black Hills’ Backdoors and Breaches as a way to stage their annual incident response tabletop exercise, I was a bit skeptical. But I was also excited to try to find a way to make my […]


Ransomware is a form of malware that criminals find a way to install on our systems. What “ransomware” does is encrypt the data on a hard drive and make it unavailable until you pay a fee (ransom). The ransom pays for a the key to decrypt the data. Ransomware is like many other forms of malware  and usually makes […]