iMarksman Training Aids

We are proud to offer the iMarksman Virtual Target System




With iMarksmanship Mode, the trainee will be able to refine the quality of their trigger pull and improve technique around shot placement, timing, and safely draw from the holster.

Use Custom Backgrounds – you can use the images of the area you or your organization is protecting or operating in by simply copying the images (parking lot, shopping center, school, gas station and etc.) and uploading them into the iMarksman® background folder.

Random Mode will allow the instructor or the student to select those backgrounds and a set of targets. The targets will appear randomly (position, size and time) in the scene. Like the other modes, you can review the shot history and see shot placement, the split time between each shots, and gun movement during the shooting.

Manual Mode will allow you to select the background and a set of targets, as above, but the instructor will be able to control the targets position and timing.  Like Random Mode, the trainee and the instyuctor will be able to review the history of shots, to see shot placement, the timing between the shots, and gun movement during the shooting.

Script Mode allows the trainer to once again select backgrounds and a set targets. The instructor will be able to manipulate these targets including movement and other actions. Each target has a defined Hit area and can be programmed to take a particular number of shots before the target goes down.

Video Mode will let you convert a regular video into a video target without any editing. Simply copy and paste it into the iMarksman® video target folder. You can also take a video from a dashboard camera in a patrol car and use it as a video scenario. The video will stop after the first shot is taken and show the pattern of the following shots thereafter.



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