FAST and Corporate Team Building

FAST stands for “Full Active Shooter Training” and is a course geared toward patrol officers or corporate security personnel interested in augmenting their training with real world tactics for approaching an active shooting event.

“I wanted to take the time to thank you for the most intense/fun experience I ever have had. I know the time did not allow you to even scratch the surface of what we needed to understand and learn, however it was worth every second.

I have learned so much and look forward to applying these technics each time we hit the range and in my home. It’s good to know there are instructors like yourself that offer these classes.

Thanks again, I look forward to other classes in the future. If your ever in the need of students please don’t hesitate to let me know I would love to take as many as I can to further my education and team building.”

Mike P, FAST student, 2012


Students conduct a movement drill

Training goals are achieved by utilizing Airsoft  rifles and pistols in “force-on-force” drills and reality-based scenarios.

This is a dynamic, cerebral, no-nonsense team-building and team leadership Active Shooter course. This is NOT paintball or capture the flag game playing. This training will provide participants with a fundamental knowledge of addressing most facets of Active Shooter incidents from which to build upon. It will teach participants how to operationally employ him/herself, in accordance with ICS principles and commonly accepted tactical principles, individually, in pairs, and up to four to six-man teams in reality-based Active Shooter incidents.

As FAST is also a small unit leadership and team building course, participants will learn to be a “Strike Team Leader” or “Assistant Strike Team Leader”  and select participants will have the opportunity to be an Incident Commander or a Team Leader during various scenarios.

Subjects Covered:

  • – Fundamentals of ICS, ICS concepts and principles
  • – Weapons manipulations for room-clearing–pistol and rifle
  • – Basic combat shooting techniques (firing AirSoft rounds)
  • – Fundamentals of room-clearing
  • – “Active Shooter (QUAD)” tactic
  • – Tactical movement
  • – Cover/Contact drills
  • – Man-Down drills
  • – Tactical fire commands
  • – Information/Intelligence gathering methods
  • – Non verbal signals
  • – Radio procedures
  • – Incident assessment and issuing an Incident Action Plan (concisely)
  • – Team leadership
  • – Tactical decision making
  • – Active Shooter scenarios
  • – Force-on-Force scenarios
  • – After-Action Review (AAR or “hot-wash”)


Classes typically start at 0745 and run until 1700, on the scheduled day


Xtreme Action Sports, 153 Washington Street, Walpole, MA


You will enhance your team leadership and team building abilities. Plus FAST training is a lot of fun!!!


Major Rich Kuong, USMCR (ret), MBA:

Major Kuong is a former infantry officer in the US Marine Corps, and corporate manager and trainer. An executive security contractor/consultant since 2002 and former Law Enforcement Officer, Major Kuong has also been a tactical command and tactical operations instructor for local and Federal law enforcement SRT and HRTs, US Military tactical teams, as well as executive private security agents.


$285 for LEO, $335 for non-LEO

Cancellation: 48 hours notice, so we can cover facility costs.

Talent wins games. But [leadership] teamwork and intelligence wins championships–Michael Jordan

We also offer a version of the course designed specifically for corporate team building, contact us below

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