Sorry for not having a Hump Day List last week, but I was down with a nasty cold. What’s worse than a cold in summer? I don’t know and I don’t want to find out! 


Handguns and arthritis

I get lots of questions from people who are just starting to suffer from arthritis, scared that their shooting days are coming to an end. It doesn’t need to happen that way, and this article from a physical therapist and shooter has some good tips on how to adapt to your changing physique.


Do your neighbors really need to know?

One of the consistent debates in the preparedness community, almost regardless of your focus, is how much you should share with your friends, relatives, and neighbors. Here’s one look at why you may want to limit how much information you give out.


Why arguing about stopping power is stupid

For the TL;DR crowd: because there are more important things to worry about. For those who want the rest of the story, read this.


Testing your plans

I know a lot of folks who are big on ‘testing’ their shooting skills, but surprisingly have never done the same for their far-more-important medical skills, their fire evacuation skills, or even just their how-do-we-live-without-power-for-a-while skills. Here’s why it’s important to test your plans occasionally.


I’m not going to blow my own horn

This time, I’m going to let someone else tell you how great my latest book is!


For the rimfire enthusiasts in the audience

And, after all, who isn’t? For those of us who love our rimfires, Aguila now has a full line of hollowpoint rimfire ammo — and I’m happy to see it. The odd thing about rimfires is how ammunition-sensitive they are; you can take two identical rifles and each one will prefer a different round, and there will usually be a big difference in how they shoot any given load. It’s perplexing, confounding, and endlessly fascinating to find the round(s) any given rimfire rifle will shoot best. These new offerings from Aguila simply give us more options to try. (I have one rifle that only shoots one particular load really well, and that load has been discontinued. I’m hoping one of these new Aguila loads will prove to be a substitute!)


Another look at the question “What if nothing happens?”

You don’t have to experience hardship to benefit from preparing for it. And those benefits may not be what you expected.

– Grant Cunningham

P.S.: I’ll be in Phoenix, AZ on December 1 & 2 teaching my Threat-Centered Revolver course at the beautiful Ben Avery Shooting Center. The weather in Phoenix that time of year is gorgeous, and I can’t think of a nicer place to be. Please plan to join me for two great days of revolver training!



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