I haven’t let this heat wave stop me from gathering more great self defense and preparedness articles for you! (Now, where did that iced tea go…)


The gun shouldn’t be the first thing you grab

“I don’t need to identify my target, because I can tell my girlfriend’s steps from an intruder in the dark”.  Someone actually told me that, in explanation for not having a flashlight with his home defense gun. I offer this article as counterpoint, and as a caution about handling “the bump in the night”: the first thing you grab should be your flashlight, not your gun. Responsible defensive gun use demands positive identification of your target (threat) before pulling the trigger, and you can’t do that if you can’t see it. (And no — a weapon-mounted light is NOT a substitute for a flashlight.)


Protecting from floods

If you live in an area where flooding is possible, there are things you can do to protect your property from water intrusion — or at least make the recovery process faster and easier. This article has some great information, along with recommendations for products that I didn’t know existed!


Lever actions make tactical hobbyists mad

…and so I mention them as often as I can! Seriously, though, I believe the humble lever-actions (particularly in the pistol-caliber formats) are the most underrated defensive firearms made today. They’re light, slim, snag-free, can be fired rapidly, have a readily understood manual of arms, and (usually) carry more than enough ammunition for any plausible threat. Here’s an article from another fan of the levergun, Jim Wilson, that touches on some of the advantages of the breed.


The dangers of bugging out

There are still people out there who think “bugging out” to a wilderness area is a good idea in almost any emergency. Here are some of the things they’re going to face out there, which is why I say that evacuation should always be a last resort. There are times when it’s necessary, but those times are far fewer than some of the survivalist types believe.


Scams from Thailand

The headline makes it sound like these can only be found in Thailand, but in fact you’ll find them in many places all over the world — and the more tourists the area gets, the more likely you are to run into them. (One of them is a good reason to wear a cheap watch!)


Cocking a defensive revolver? Just say no!

A list of the reasons why thumb-cocking a double action revolver is best left to cheesy movies. (I’m on record as stating that all defensive revolvers should be double action only; all of mine are!)


A review of earmuffs?

Yes, and I’m sharing it because I have long personal experience with them. My wife and I have worn Sordin Supreme Pro-X muffs for more than a decade, and we won’t wear anything else. We went through a couple of different options before we found the Sordins, and I’ve gotten to try almost everything else on the market since, and I still wouldn’t trade them for anything. They’re expensive, but worth it. Read the review for the whole story. (Get the accessory gel earcups — they’re an absolute “must”!)

– Grant Cunningham

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