Wow, is it ever hot here in Oregon! If it’s scorching where you are, cool off with a nice beverage and these great articles!


This is a scary story, and you need to read it

This is an article about how a photographer gets access to make pictures at the top of high-rise buildings. But it’s not a photography article! The reason it’s interesting and frightening at the same time is how easy it is for him to get into ostensibly secure areas through simple social engineering. It’s amazing how far a clipboard and a high-visibility vest, combined with the gift of gab, will get you. These are tactics you need to be aware of in case someone tries them on you — or on someone in charge where you work or play. 


Some people are preppers and don’t know it!

Everyone has an image of the “prepper”, but this article makes the point (and I think it’s a good one) that anyone who thinks about the future, and makes plans for living in that future, is a prepper — whether they know it or not. Great insight.


A review of some pocket holsters

Pocket holsters are not created equal, as Kevin Creighton discovers in this review of several models. Some didn’t pass, and he tells you why — along with what did, and what to look for. (One of those that passed his tests is the DeSantis Nemesis, which has been my favorite for years. It’s cheap, too!)


You can’t carry a gun everywhere, but that doesn’t mean you’re unarmed

Great article from the blog about how to be armed when you’re forced to disarm. You’re only unarmed if you let yourself think that you are. (Like me, he’s a fan of the high-intensity flashlight as an alternative weapon in gun-free zones.)


Greg does a survivalist article about revolvers. No, really.

That’s about all of the introduction this article really needs! Seriously, though, it’s pretty good.


Don’t forget about your mental and emotional preparedness

A number of years ago my wife and I found ourselves in our first long-term power outage: a full week without power, in the middle of winter. We were very poorly prepared, in every way. Fast-forward a decade, and we found ourself in a new home and in our second week-long power outage. We were better prepared for the physical needs, but frankly about the fourth day we were going a little stir-crazy. I wish we’d seen this article before that happened! Some good tips about the importance of sanity in an emergency.

– Grant Cunningham

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